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Oprah's First Book Club Author Jacquelyn Mitchard Turns Her Heart to Romance

The author whose bestselling Oprah pick, Deep End of the Ocean, made women's fiction the hottest spot on the market, sheds family concerns this month in search of romance.

TWELVE TIMES BLESSED, which Mitchard says, "tells of a fierce attraction and ultimate clash between two independent people who end up wondering whether love can survive marriage," is also a story in part from her own diary. Like her heroine, Mitchard was widowed at a relatively young age with one small child, met a "hunky younger man" and impulsively married him.

The events following this scenario are no doubt what prompted Mitchard to announce TWELVE as her "coming-of-middle-age" book. She explains that her characters "happen to have sailed through life on their charm without knowing a blinking thing about themselves or what makes them tick." To make their relationship work, these are things they must learn. "Self-discovery," she continues, "especially [witnessed by] someone whom you want to idealize you, is a real, real poke in the eye!"

The lengthy TWELVE (at 544 pages, it's almost twice the size of an average romance) takes readers through the characters' marriage with brutal honesty, tenderness and humor. So the question remains, will Mitchard's semiautobiographical "coming-of-middle-age" love story strike a spark in the romance market?

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