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Nadia Aidan

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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Twelve Wicked Nights was a pleasure to write, which was born out of a dynamic collaboration between my editor and agent. With the idea in hand, I ended up writing the first part of the manuscript over a weekend, closeted inside the apartment where I lived at the time, that is just off the Vegas strip. Needless to say, it was a frenetic weekend, but the end result is something that I am now so proud of and thrilled to finally see on the shelves. 

Twelve Wicked Nights is meant to be a provocative, sensual holiday fantasy about what you would do if you were trapped with someone you’ve always desired but never had the confidence to reveal your desires. In the novel, I introduce readers to Isabella and Justin as they go from two friendly rivals who’ve known each other for years, but have always skirted around their attraction until they are forced to face it when they find themselves snowed in together. What comes after is the fulfillment of fantasies long denied and ignored in a playful, sexy story of two friends who discover they share more than just that. 

I do hope readers enjoy Twelve Wicked Nights as much as I enjoyed dreaming up all the naughty escapades and wild adventures Isabella and Justin find themselves getting into. And like Isabella and Justin I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope they have their own Twelve Wicked Nights…the book of course!

-Nadia Aidan

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