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In the summer of 2003, stay-at-home mom Stephenie Meyer had a dream about two high school students, Bella and Edward, experiencing the glory of first love--"when you haven't ever fallen before and you really fall hard," she explains. But there was a twist on their happily ever after--Edward's a vampire! That dream turned into Meyer's debut novel, Twilight (Oct., Megan Tingley/ Little, Brown ).

Meyer majored in English at Utah's Brigham Young University but, after marrying while still in school, decided to devote her time to family following graduation. "I had my three kids and didn't have a lot of time for writing," says the Phoenix resident, the mother of Gabe, 8, Seth, 5, and Eli, 3. But after having such a clear vision, she knew that she had to put it down on paper.

"Once I started writing, I couldn't stop," Meyer recalls. "It was just one of those obsessive-compulsive things. I finished it in three months!"

After completing Twilight, Meyer researched how to get published. "It looked complicated. I hadn't thought of queries and agents," she says. Luck was on her side, though. A literary agency signed her a month after she sent in her entire manuscript, and within two weeks the book was picked up by Little, Brown. "It was a literary lightning strike--the one-in-a-million thing that never happens," says the elated author. "Every week there's something new...and the [advance] reviews have been so kind, I want to get them tattooed on my body!" Meyer's story gets even sweeter: Months after the book deal, MTV Films and Maverick Films acquired movie rights.

Just what is this tale that everyone wants a piece of about? "A girl who goes away to a small town, thinks she's going to be terribly bored, meets a really beautiful vampire and finds life far from boring," details Meyer, who describes the book as "more romance than horror." Although the novel is a YA book, she feels adults will enjoy it too.

Meyer has already written the second and third books in the series. "I wasn't ready to let go of the characters," she says. Expect Twilight's sequel in Oct. '06. Additionally, Meyer is crafting a sci-fi. --Cheryl A. Hoahing

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