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Maggie Shayne

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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AT TWILIGHT includes the fourth and fifth stories in my Wings in
the Night series. "Born in Twilight" is the story of Jameson Bryant, a mortal man with a special relationship to the undead. But when he tries to help one vampiress, she nearly kills him. He had no way of knowing the beautiful Angelica had been only days from taking her final vows as a nun when she was transformed into a creature of the night; no way of knowing that her faith is shattered, that she believes herself damned, or that she resists the urge to feed until she's consumed by it.

"Beyond Twilight" is the story of ageless Cuyler Jade, a vampiress who was a flapper during prohibition, and who is hunted by DPI Agent Stephen, "Ramsey" Bachman. However, Cuyler turns the tables on her pursuer, taking him captive instead, and teaching him a few lessons in the process.

Believe me, the cover art on this package is brand new and utterly stunning. Many Wings in the Night fans are buying this trade-size collector's edition even though they have the originals in the series. This reissue, combined with the earlier reissue of books 13 in the series (Wings in the Night, Dec. '01) will catch readers upwith the exception of "Twilight Vows" (which will be reprinted later this year)just
in time for the release of book 6, TWILIGHT HUNGER, coming from MIRA in March '02.

I hope you enjoy AT TWILIGHT this month, and TWILIGHT HUNGER in March! For those who always ask, yes there is at least one more title planned. BLOOD OF TWILIGHT will be released from MIRA in 2003. You can visit me on the web at or e-mail me at

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