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T. Greenwood

Book Title: TWO RIVERS
Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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T. Greenwood


After a terrible experience flying, T. Greenwood and her husband decided to travel to a cross-country destination via train.

Daydreaming while she traveled, Greenwood imagined two characters brought together by a derailment: a young, pregnant girl and the single father of a daughter who ends up
taking her in.

Two Rivers (Kensington) "evolved out of that," she says. "I didn't know who they were or why he did it, though."

As she worked on the story, the amorphous single father became Harper Montgomery, who is still grieving the death of his wife 12 years earlier. He takes in pregnant Maggie out of "tremendous guilt" over his part in a brutal crime when he was a young man.

Greenwood had wanted to write about "a good man who does something despicable" for some time, and Two Rivers "wound up being the vehicle through which I explored that."

Still, she says, the details of the crime "took me by surprise." Readers will be left to decide for themselves whether Harper committed a crime of passion or something darker -- and whether he redeems himself in the end.

-- Stephanie Klose

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