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Katee Robert

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Nathan’s book was an adventure to write. I went into it knowing he had a secret and that absolutely no one knew the truth—including me.

Teasing out the real story was one surprise after another. Our leading lady, Chelsea, wasn’t at all what I expected. I had pictured her having a personality similar to Elle—prim and proper with the ingrained talent of looking down her nose at you and making your feel about three inches tall when she’s not pleased.

Yeah… not so much. Chelsea does share some of that, but she’d a different creature entirely. She has no problem throwing Nathan off his game, and turning the tables on him at every opportunity. In short, she was a complete delight to write.

And Nathan. You’d think after having him around in two books, I’d have his personality nailed down. Again…not so much. He constantly surprised me, especially when it came time for the seduction scenes. See, I had no idea he’s a dirty talker. None whatsoever. So imagine my surprise when he starts in for the first time on Chelsea. Talk about hot!

So what’s Nathan’s secret? What’s the thing he’s kept from everyone for a very long time?

Guess you’ll have to check out his book and find out!

- Katee Robert

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