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Sharon Ashwood

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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The idea for the Dark Forgotten series came to me during a rather loopy conversation with a friend. We were speculating about house insurance, and whether demonic possession would be covered under most policies. The next question was: how would one verify that the culprit sliming the walls was bona fide hell spawn? My first Dark Forgotten character, a freelance witch and ghost buster, was born.

The stories that followed described the collision of our “normal” world and the supernatural creatures trying to fit into human society. After hiding in the shadows for centuries, they’ve come out into the open and want a piece of the modern dream: TVs, credit cards, and decent jobs. Humans, although fascinated by their new neighbors, aren’t thrilled about the competition for a slice of the good life. Besides, what’s to say the werewolf in the next cubicle at work won’t decide to eat you for his coffee-time snack?

To complicate matters, the Castle comes to Fairview. It’s an interdimensional prison for the supernatural, and it opens a portal into downtown Fairview. Yikes! No one, especially not the newly-legitimate vampires and werewolves, wants that in their back yard. Think of the bad publicity if the inmates escape ...

The Castle is filled with the Dark Forgotten — creatures held for centuries in a dungeon of twisty stone corridors and flickering torchlight. Some are guilty of nothing but being non-human. Some have gone insane. Others are evil beyond description. But which are which? Who should be rescued from the Castle? And who gets to decide?

While city officials strike committees, immortal guardsmen inside the Castle fight a bloody war against the monsters. Outnumbered, the best they can hope for is to protect the weaker inmates and keep peace among the rest.

The last guard to enter the Castle was Reynard: rake, maverick and bold captain from the eighteenth-century British cavalry. He was the kind of male mothers warned their girls about — all the while wishing they could have him for themselves.

But that was back in the day, before Reynard made a sacrifice that bound him into endless slavery. He hasn’t had a decent holiday since the 1750s. That’s enough to make anyone go dark and brooding. When the right woman comes along, Reynard’s more than ready for his breakout moment.

Unchained is the story of Ashe Carver, the black sheep in a family of witches. After years working abroad as a monster-hunter, she’s returning to Fairview with her ten-year-old daughter. Faced with a custody battle, she's hung up her weapons and taken a job at the public library, determined to prove that she's a fit mother.

It’s not so easy to adjust to the quiet life, especially when “just one more” slaying job keeps coming her way. Then, after centuries guarding the Castle, the devastatingly handsome Captain Reynard strides into her and world asks for help. He has only weeks to live unless Ashe finds the thief who took his soul.

Brave, passionate, and generous, Reynard is Ashe’s one chance at happiness. She picks up her weapons to save the day, but there’s a catch. If she finds Reynard’s soul and he lives, he has to return to the Castle forever. If they fail, he’ll die. Either way, she ends up alone.

The path to love and freedom is never simple. In the world of the Dark Forgotten, there is always a price. Ashe isn’t short on courage. Whether it’s evil lawyers, lovelorn vampires in the library, or hellspawn in the shopping mall, she’s ready to go.

Been there. Slain that. She’ll do whatever it takes to save the ones she loves.

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