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MaryJanice Davidson

Genre: Paranormal Fiction, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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It's been a long time in the making—20 years to be exact—but
e-published writer turned print author on the rise MaryJanice Davidson has a life story that's becoming as enthralling as one of
her vampire tales. A former secretary, Davidson's engaging, quirky stories of life among the undead first caught the eye of Berkley senior editor Cindy Hwang, who, after reading a werewolf novella the author had written for a Red Sage anthology, made a note to watch for this blossoming up-and-comer.

"Fast forward a year or so," shares the ecstatic Davidson. "My e-book, Undead and Unwed, is out from Ellora's Cave, and Angela Knight [a fellow Berkley and Red Sage scribe] tells Cindy that she's got to read this book." Hwang promptly visited the Ellora's Cave site, downloaded the story of Betsy Taylor, who for the life of her cannot manage to stay dead, then phoned the stunned author with an offer for the print rights.

"Naturally, I assumed this was a cruel joke…perhaps my sister was impersonating a New York editor? Jerk," says Davidson with a good-natured grin. "Anyway, Cindy offered me a three-book contract, and the rest is history." But now that Undead and Unwed belonged to Berkley, Davidson faced the challenge of expanding the story to twice its original length. The process, she claims, couldn't have been more fun. "For one thing," she says, "I got to
go back and fix a few holes I—ahem—hadn't noticed in the e-book. At least one character made a brief appearance and then—whammo! Was he eaten? Sucked into a black hole? Run over by a garbage truck? Who knew? The story and plot were basically there. All I had to do was add fun stuff. I think every writer would love the chance to go back and make a good book even better." Undead and Unwed will be on store shelves in March.

Two months after her deal with Berkley, Davidson also won author Lori Foster's writing contest and received a contract with Kensington, which released her erotic romance, Under Cover (Oct. '03), under its Brava imprint. Despite her success with print publishers, the author continues to pay her respects to Ellora's Cave, the first to take a chance on Undead and Unwed. Recently she's participated in two anthologies for the e-publisher, Forgotten Wishes and Lighthearted Lust, and plans to do an all-werewolf-themed anthology sometime this year. As for her Undead… series, "The sequel, Undead and Unemployed, will be out in August, and I've got a novella, 'Dead Girls Don't Dance,' coming out in July in the Berkley anthology Cravings. I'd love to do more Undead… books. I've got the series plotted through Undead and Unappreciated, Undead and Unpopular and Undead and Uncircumcised—OK, I made that last one up."

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