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From Robes to Rogues

Who would suspect the author of Zebra's sexy new historical, AN
UNDENIABLE ROGUE, was almost a nun? It's true! Annette Blair tells all.

"I was only 17 at the time and was supposed to enter the convent in September after I graduated. I had a 'blind' date on August 1 with a man who turned out to be an old grammar school classmate. I didn't want to go, I told my mother I had changed my mind, and to tell him that I was sick and couldn't go, but she wouldn't do it. She said I needed to be 'sure' before I became a nun, so I went on the date. On September 15, my eighteenth birthday, I received an engagement ring. We've been married for years and years now, and one of my husband's favorite lines has always been 'And YOU were going to be a nun!'"

The almost-novice has become quite the expert at creating devastatingly sexy heroes like the men in her Regency historical series, The Rogues' Club. "They're mysterious, enigmatic and powerful, with something to hide—and everything to give," confides Annette. "The rogues are sexy as hell and so male, sometimes I fan myself as I write…or I go looking for my own hero!"

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