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Jill Shalvis

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

One of the questions I get asked the most is – where do I get my ideas. From TV, movies, magazines, books. Life. Mostly life. I’m surrounded by a large, boisterous family, and we do not go quietly into the night. I have teenagers, all girls, and they travel in packs with the drama to go with.

I’m never short on fodder around here.

But the idea for Under The Mistletoe actually came from my readers. I received lots of tweets, Facebook and blog comments, and letters, all asking for Mia’s story after she appeared in The Sweetest Thing. Now I know most of those readers thought Carlos was the obvious guy for Mia. And they were right. He was the obvious guy. But he wasn’t the Right Guy.

As for who is, you’ll have to read to find out. But, I will tell you that I opened the story with Mia coming home to Lucky Harbor after five years away. She’s in town for a wedding (hint: Sawyer and Chloe from Head Over Heels are finally making it down the aisle). And while Mia is thrilled to be back, she’s trying not to be completely devastated by a heart break.

But before she can even catch her breath, that heart breaker shows up on her doorstep. He’s followed her, you see, and … that’s all I’m going to tell you.

I really enjoy the reader mail I get regarding this Lucky Harbor series; it’s been so wonderful. And I’m so happy to be able to tell you I’ve got more Lucky Harbor books coming. In just a few short months, It Had to Be You and Always on My Mind will be out the bookstore shelves. So be sure to revisit Lucky Harbor soon. J

Happy Reading,

- Jill Shalvis

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