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Dorothy Garlock

Genre: America, Western, Historical Romance

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Dear Reader,

Do you love the movies as much as I do? When I was a little girl, I enjoyed nothing more than to sit in a darkened theater and watch the images as they danced across the gigantic silver screen. It didn’t matter if it was a slapstick comedy, an action-adventure tale, a western, a crime thriller, a terrifying horror, or even a romance, I sat there, riveted. Who knows, maybe all those films played a role in my becoming a writer? But even back then, I found myself questioning how those movies were made. What went on behind the scenes? How did they make that car chase look so real? Were the handsome actors and their leading ladies as close to one another when the cameras stopped rolling?

These are just some of the questions that my new novel, Under a Texas Sky, tries to answer. Set during the early days of the movie industry, on location in a small Texas town far away from the glamorous scene in Hollywood, my story tells of Anna Finnegan’s dream to become an actress. Unfortunately for her, what goes on off-screen is even more challenging than what happens when the camera is rolling.

Her problems are many: a handsome, charismatic producer she desperately wants to please; a famous actress who is on the downside of her career and sees her younger, prettier new co-star as a rival who needs to be put in her place; an up-and-coming actor who is so used to getting what he wants, as well as who he wants, that he sees Anna’s rejection of his advances as a slap to his face; and to top it all off, someone is sabotaging the film’s production, therefore threatening Anna’s dream before it can ever really begin.

But the biggest challenge Anna will face is Dalton Barnes, a local blacksmith whose disdain for Hollywood, the movies, and anyone associated with them, makes his blood boil. Strong, ruggedly handsome, a man capable of using his fists if the situation calls for them, his attraction for Anna, and hers for him, makes both of their lives more complicated. They come from two different worlds, with their own sorts of dangers. What happens if Anna is forced to make a choice between her dreams of becoming a star, and love? 

My novel, Under a Texas Sky, is one of romance, adventure, and mystery, with doses of humor and even a tear or two for good measure.It’s just like the movies I continue to love so much, with something for everyone! As always, it is my great hope that you’ll enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Dorothy Garlock

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