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Henley's Hotter Than Ever!

History is filled with strong, powerful women—many who never make it into the textbooks. Leave it to Virginia Henley to uncover another diva destined to be known.

Henley's latest steamy read, UNDONE, takes you into the ballrooms—and bedrooms—of Elizabeth Gunning's life. From the infamous beauty's society debut, when her family was so poor she had to share a ball gown with her sister Maria, we follow her through an unhappy first marriage to the sixth duke of Hamilton, James Campbell, and, finally to the union with her true love, the powerful Scotsman John Campbell, fifth duke of Argyll. As a widow in 1770, Gunning became one of the few women ever bestowed with her own title and was dubbed Baroness Hamilton.

Filled with vivid period details and a bold sensuality, UNDONE is a traditional Virginia Henley blockbuster—one that tells the tale of a true survivor—a woman of beauty, brains and sheer strength who is a force to be reckoned with.

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