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Shannon Richard

Book Title: UNDONE
Genre: E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

You know that saying, “not all those who wander are lost”? Yeah, well, much like Paige Morrison, the heroine in Undone, that wasn’t the case for me either. I majored in English Literature in college. For those four years I had no clue what I was going to do with my degree. I had vague ideas, but I’d never decided on anything specific. All I knew was I loved reading. I actually didn’t really sit down and write until my senior year of college. There was always this drive in me to create stories--I just never listened. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could ever write a book, and I definitely didn’t think I’d ever be published. But one day that drive got to be more than anything I could handle, so I sat down at the computer and started typing.

When I graduated, I moved back home with my parents for a couple of months (something that Paige and I have in common) and tried to figure things out. Well, figuring things out didn’t come fast enough, so I did some mission work in Europe. I went to Italy for a few months where I lived with nuns and helped out at a preschool. Communicating with children isn’t the easiest thing, it’s even harder when they don’t speak a word of English and you don’t speak a word of Italian. Only one person spoke English when I was there, and not fluently.

Though the people I stayed with and met were beyond nice to me, it was incredibly isolating to not be able to communicate (especially for me who could strike up a fairly decent conversation with a brick wall). This feeling of isolation, of not knowing what I wanted or what I was doing, was a very big part in the creation of Paige. At the beginning of Undone, she has no idea where her life is going, and that was how I felt. But as one would imagine, when you have no one to talk to, there’s a lot of time to think. A lot of time. It was an eye opening experience and it helped me figure out something very important: that I was a writer, and that I needed to write. Paige has a very similar self-discovery in Undone.

When I returned to the States, I moved back to Tallahassee. I had a strong base there with my friends and the life I’d built when I was in college. I still was a little lost getting a job that had absolutely nothing to do with my degree. But I was able to pursue writing, which was my main goal. It took me a little time to find my feet, and to be honest I’m still tripping over them more often than not, but that’s just the way life goes, plus I’m just pretty clumsy.

I hope that you all enjoy Undone!

Happy Reading,

Shannon Richard 

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