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Tamara Leigh

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Tamara Lee Presents UNFORGOTTEN

Time travels fast! This March, I hope you'll join me in welcoming my sixth novel to bookstore shelves. Between the pages of Unforgotten you'll find all the wonderful trappings of a medieval romance, but add to that the element of time travel -- by the hero, no less -- and you hold in your hand a story of timeless love.

Here's a peek into Unforgotten:

Five hundred years ago, the legendary Catherine Algernon gave her life defending her home. Now, on the eve of her death, a mysterious stranger appears to forever change the past. Who is this enemy knight who cheats fate by stopping the mortal blow, and lays siege to her heart which she had always thought more securely guarded than her precious home?

Contemporary man, the business-minded Collier Morrow, lost him the love of his life but when his pleas for a second chance transport him back in time to medieval England, he finds himself face to face with a beautiful woman in the image of his beloved. Is he being given an opportunity to redeem himself and regain his heart's desire?

Enjoy an excerpt of Unforgotten:

Wine. That was how Collier tasted. Heady. A slow trickle that kindled Catherine's senses and warmed places she had not known were cold.

"I won't lose you again," he spoke against her lips. How strange the things he said.

He urged her mouth open and touched his tongue to hers. Catherine wondered at the feelings he roused. Was this what she had heard servants speak of in hushed tones? That which put smiles on faces, light in eyes, songs on lips? Which Hildegard had said was beneath noblewomen and only whores felt?

Always there was Hildegard to answer to.

The light within Catherine sputtered and died. Her life was not her own and never would it be. She pulled back. "You cannot lose what you have never had," she said.

Collier met her gaze. "But I did have you. Once."

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