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I know from so many of you, via cards, letters and e-mails, that you have loved Morgans Mercenaries: The Hunter series from Silhouette Special Edition. Well, so have I! Sadly, book four, The untamed hunter, is the last. I hope you find Shep Hunters story just as rollicking, adventuresome, dangerous and romantic as the other three books.

Shep is an iconoclast; a man who needs no one and nothing. A long time ago, the only woman that hed ever loved broke up with him. He hardened his heart as few people could ever do, swore hed never love again.

Virologist and medical doctor Maggie Harper, who worked at the Office of Infectious Diseases (OID), liked adventure and cutting-edge, dangerous work. When her boss, Casey, tells her shes been assigned to become a decoy carrying genetically engineered anthrax to draw out elements of the Black Dawn pro-terrorist organization, shes all for the ploy. Until she finds out the man who is to protect her is the man who tore her heart into pieces so many years ago.

The last thing Shep expects is to see Maggie Harper again. He has just suffered a devastating emotional blowlosing his last partner, a woman, on another life and death assignment. Hes nowhere near being ready for this dangerous mission. Particularly when the woman who broke and stole his heart is his new partner.

And this mission is no place for error of any kind. They are being set up to draw out bio-terrorists who they know will attack them sooner or later. Can they keep their wildly fluctuating emotions under control long enough to survive this deadly mission? Can they stop the old love of decades before from erupting uncontrollably between them?

I had a lot of fun putting this book together with all these disparate elements. I hope it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you read it! I also enjoyed working, once again, in the Desire line at Silhouetteso be sure to look for The Untamed Hunter in Desire (even though the other three books of this series were in Silhouette Special Edition).

I love to hear from readers. Please e-mail me at or visit my website at: Write to me at Eileen Nauman, P.O. Box 2513, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.

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