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Francis Ray

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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First of all, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous support of the Taggart-Falcon series. The response has been fantastic.
I hope youll love the Graysons of New Mexico just as much. Four stubborn brothers and their my way or the highway baby sister live with their mother Ruth Grayson in Santa Fe, New Mexicoand all of them need to learn a few things about love and life. Matriarch Ruth knows theyll be happier married and with families of their own, but convincing her children will be a challenge.

Luke Grayson loves his mother, but shes driving him crazy. Ever since his cousins Daniel and Dominique Falcon each got married, Lukes mother has made it her mission in life to see that he follow suit. Luke likes his life just fine the way it is. He has an occasional date, but nothing serious. At the moment hes far too busy with Manhunters, a private investigation agency he owns, to think about a woman on a permanent basis. To his increasing annoyance, that doesnt deter his mother. She enlists the help of her friends in academic and civic circles. Every week Luke can count on his mother finding a different woman to clutter up his life.

Hes repeatedly asked his mother to stop. She simply smiles, pats him on the cheek and does what she wants. Hes thought about begging, but a grown man shouldnt beg. Besides, the Falcons, his mothers family, are well known for their stubbornness. Once they start something they see it through to the end.
No excuses. For centuries, that single-mindedness helped his Native American ancestors overcome obstacles that would have overwhelmed a lesser people. Now his mother has taken up the torch.

But Luke isnt only worried about himself. His younger brothers and sister are just as adamantly opposed to matrimony as he is. As the oldest, he is counted on by them to be strong. If he slips, his mother wont rest until all of them are trapped into marriage. Luke assures them they dont have a thing to worry about. Hes never met the woman that can make him say I do.

However, his mother is determined to prove Luke wrong with her latest candidate, Professor Catherine Stewart. Luke isnt too happy about the turn of events. Catherine is none too happy either. As stubborn as any Falcon or Grayson, she has her own problems to deal with.

The last thing Catherine wants is for some macho-minded man to think she needs him to come charging to her rescue. Both Luke and Catherine are about to learn that as impossible as it may seem at times, mother knows best.

The next brother to try to elude matrimony is Morgan Grayson in You and No Other. For those of you who have asked about the order of the Taggart-Falcon stories, youll find the information in the front of Book One.
You can visit my website for a complete listing of all my books at: You can contact me by
e-mail at: or write to me at P.O. Box 764423, Dallas, TX 75376. Please enclose an SASE.


Luke didnt feel as if he were imposing or violating a trust in the least as he followed Catherine. He wanted to make sure no one was in the woods with her. Once he determined that, hed leave her to find what peace she could. The deeper she went, the slower her steps, the farther her shoulders dropped.

Circling around in front of the spruce and pine trees, he saw her face. His breath caught. Gone was the smart-mouthed woman who held a gun on him and tossed out one-liners, and in her place was a woman in abject misery. When she stopped to sit in the midst of wildflowers, then lifted her head to the sky, Luke saw moisture glistening on her bronzed mahogany skin. Tears.

She was hurting. Her head lowered, and it was all he could do not to go to her. But somehow he knew she wouldnt want that, knew she wouldnt want anyone to see her vulnerability. Tough. Hed give her thirty minutes and then he was coming back for her.

Silently, he slipped away and returned to the cabin. With each step, he discovered walking away was one of the hardest things he had ever done.

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