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Until Tomorrow

You may have read my article in last month's RT entitled "Romancing the West." Well, two new Bittner books coming this fall do just that, but as always, in anything I write, these stories are based on real history, real locations and real events.

Out this month is UNTIL TOMORROW, a real "wild west, shoot-em-up" love story set in Central City, Colorado. Widowed school teacher Addy Kane is taken hostage by a gang of bank robbers, one of whom is Nick Coleman, a man haunted by a Civil War tragedy that has driven him to the outlaw life. Nick helps Addy, then flees the noose, a wanted man. He changes his name to Cole Parker and follows Addy to Colorado. These two have unwittingly fallen in love. Although they try to fight the feeling, they just can't seem to resist an attraction that keeps drawing Addy back into Cole's arms-and his bed. Their secret liaisons will make you sweat!

Next comes Chase the Sun in October (Bantam), a western saga involving Indians, soldiers, love, hate, tragedy and triumph of the spirit. Captain Zack Myers hates Indians with a passion because of a traumatic experience he suffered as a child. Iris Gray, a colonel's daughter, comes into his life and begins to teach him the true meaning of love. Zach and Iris' story follows a secondary story about a Nez Perce Indian couple, Strong Runner and Morning Star, with whom Zack and Iris eventually find themselves involved. This "journey of life" leads Zack into a position he never thought he'd find himself in, and his thinking about Indians begins to change.

Chase the Sun also gives a realistic depiction of the loneliness and terror of living in remote western army posts, and of the struggle of an Indian nation to keep their homeland.

Attention! Savage Destiny fans! All six Savage Destiny books, originally published from 1983-85, will be reprinted by Zebra in 1996 with new covers, along with a seventh book, titled Eagle's Song (May '96)! I'll keep you informed through RT.

For an update on past and future books, write me at 6013 North Coloma Rd. Coloma, MI 49038. Send an SASE and I'll send you a newsletter and bookmark. Thanks so much to all my readers.

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