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Small-Town Girl Faces the Land of Death

Pitted against Sarah Zettel's world of magic and sorcery, powerful spirits and goddesses is an unsuspecting American woman, Ingrid Loftfield. "She lives in the wilds of northern Wisconsin in the 1870s on a small island in Lake Superior," Zettel says. "Her life is hard, but unremarkable, until her younger sister, Grace, falls ill and begins walking in her sleep. To Ingrid's shock, she discovers Grace is being haunted by a ghost who is urging her to come under the lake with him."

Ingrid joins forces with a stranger named Avanasy, an exiled sorcerer from a far-off empire, to save her sister. When Avanasy learns that his homeland has nearly fallen to THE USURPER'S CROWN, Ingrid goes with him into a battle for which she carries no armor. Their enemy has hidden powers, and once unleashed, Ingrid becomes the only one with a chance of saving Isavalta.

"Ingrid's journey is both of discovery and self-discovery. To survive and win though, she must draw on the strength her mother and her life on the island has given her. She also must come to understand and accept the magic within her, and to trust in the love she and Avanasy share. In the end, Ingrid must find the courage in herself alone to accept both victory and loss."

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