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Writing a ménage erotic romance featuring two males and a female, I wanted two heroes who could hold their own, both of them winning the hearts of my readers. One might be more charismatic and larger-than-life, because inevitably that’s the way characters work, but the other one had to match that in some way. I wanted you, the reader, to believe utterly that 1) the heroine needed them both, and 2) the two men needed each other, a true three-way relationship.

In Vampire Mistress, I faced that challenge with my two heroes, Daegan Rei and Gideon Green. Both had a vital type of love to offer Anwyn, my heroine. So what did they each bring to the table that made them indispensable to her and to each other?

Gideon Green: Gideon is a hardcore vampire hunter who spent the past decade of his life trying to eradicate the species. He’s had remarkable success, making him the best in the world at what he does. But his brother is now a vampire, and mated to a vampire queen, which makes him pretty much conflicted, because he’s seen another side of the vampire world. Plus, ever since that same vampire queen gave him one night of absolute peace under her control, he’s had a craving for a Mistress’s hand he vehemently denies. That doesn’t stop him from ending up at Club Atlantis and finding that moment of temporal peace under Anwyn’s hand. Then he discovers she belongs to a vampire. The surly and dangerous hunter is torn between the need to turn his back on her, and being irresistibly drawn to a Mistress he can’t deny.

Gideon is a tough, 100% male package in denim and battered leather. Rough-edged, he makes a habit of pissing off everyone in his life. With two sets of clothes to his name, he stays in seedy hotels and keeps his money in his boot heels. He’s self-admittedly dysfunctional on every level and prone to violence when he’s cornered emotionally, as Anwyn quickly discovers. He can’t stand toe-to-toe with vampires, but he’s become a master at outwitting and setting fatal traps for them. He’s been captured twice, and escaped both times, killing his vampire captors. His wounded heart needs unconditional love, but he’s such a mess, it will take the strong hands of both a Master and Mistress to get him to accept that love.  

This quote says it all about Gideon –
“You’ve been very ugly to my ladies, Gideon,” Anwyn observed. “Been rude and surly as well. I expect better of you.”
“Better lower your expectations,” he retorted. “This is as good as it gets.”

Daegan Rei: With Gideon a sexy, wounded brooding hero, I wanted my other male character to be a good balance for him. The muse delivered in spades. Daegan is my larger-than-life charismatic member of the trio. He’s a seven-hundred-year-old vampire who works as an assassin for the Vampire Council. Vampires have supernatural speed and strength, but Daegan leaves them all behind, which means he suffers the curse of the exceptional. They fear as much as want his strengths, so he isn’t accepted by the vampire world. Being a secret assassin for the Council doesn’t necessarily put him on a lot of invitation lists, so he is reclusive by nature, but he is not socially inept. In fact, after seven hundred years, he’s well-spoken and urbane, a warrior who’s done sabbaticals in Tibetan monasteries to center himself and can blend in any environment. With a massive amount of cultivated wealth, he travels in a Gulf Stream and uses custom-made weapons for his work.

Though he’s highly disciplined, he’s not emotionally detached. He’s only fallen in love once in seven hundred years, but it was love at first sight. He knows there will never be another woman for him. Vampires are uncompromising sexual Dominants, who usually have their deepest relationship with a human servant who is submissive and considered inferior in their world. In this, too, Daegan is different. The woman who catches his eye has been part of his life for five years as a lover, not a servant. Mistress Anwyn Naime does capitulate to his Mastery, but on her own terms. And she continues to take on the occasional submissive hard cases in her club—like Gideon Green. As an assassin and committed hunter, Daegan finds the challenge of loving her irresistible.  

Obviously what brings these two men together is their feeling for Anwyn. She’s turned by a rogue pack of vampires and they have to help her through an unstable and volatile transition process. During this, both of their relationships with her, the new and the long term, will shift and change. However, what made this ménage so fascinating to write was that each character needed the qualities the other two could provide, not just one or the other. It was an equilateral, not an isosceles triangle.

Anwyn has always been a unique Mistress in that she wants a servant whose heart she can completely claim, but will never fully tame. She also craves Daegan’s dark mastery to calm her personal demons. The vampire understands her in a way no one ever has, but she has never been able to trust him enough to give him all of her heart, because humans are considered inferior to vampires. When she is forcibly turned into a vampire, and her transition won’t stabilize, she faces the terror of being helpless. She needs not only a servant like Gideon to give her some sense of control, but a vampire like Daegan to protect her with his strength. By necessity she will have to learn to trust both implicitly.

Gideon was the oldest sibling in his family. Orphaned early, he had the responsibility of raising his brother. Living the life of a vampire hunter, where he’s so often responsible for the lives of others, he’s never had opportunity to let another help him take care of things. Daegan, with all his power and warrior skill, considers it his responsibility to look after both Gideon and Anwyn, and that’s an unusual experience for Gideon, one that may slowly change his acrimonious feeling toward the vampire.

Daegan, as an outsider to the vampire world, has protected many but never been able to trust others enough to call them family. During his five years with Anwyn, they’ve played games, circling each other in their domination give-and-take, but they couldn’t trust one another enough to profess their love. Gideon becomes that bridge. The slow evolution of their sharing him as their servant brings them all together.

The exclusive excerpt provides an excellent comparison of Gideon and Daegan’s personalities. Hope you enjoy them both—as much as Anwyn does! I also hope you’ll like their story in Vampire Mistress.

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