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The Vampire Viscount

Underneath my respectable exterior, there lives a person who loves to throw the cat among the pigeons, just for a little fun. And so I created Nicholas St. Vire, the hero of The Vampire Viscount. He was perfect-who would suspect a fashionable, seductive man, appearing only at night, to be anything other than a Regency eccentric?

But characters sometimes take over a story. I could see Nicholas so clearly. There was something beguiling about him...the smiling way he has of looking at you, intensely conscious of you as a woman-delightful and delicious. How wonderful if he took just a little taste...first the lips, then just below the ear, feathering gently down...and then his hands, careful, as if he were touching something infinitely precious...

Quickly, before I was overcome, I created the heroine, Leonore Farleigh. Her wit and strength of character would save me from his-er, would keep Nicholas busy. Leonore has no problem resisting a man to whom she was sold in payment for her abusive father's gambling debts. Until, of course, she falls in love with Nicholas-something he both fears and desires.

"Mad, bad and dangerous to know," the description of Lord Byron whispered in my mind. The seductive, elegant vampire we know today came to life in Regency England, after all.

I loved writing this story. It's dark and light, sexy and sweet, and a mix of what I grew up on-romance and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Perhaps it'll even put a stake through the heart of the old stereotype that all Regencies are only fluffy, comedy-of-manners books.

Actually, Regencies are everything anyone could want in a romance. There's Mary Balogh's sexy Regencies and Sandra Heath's latest time-travel Regency. There's Teresa DesJardien's druid and Mary Comstock's sorceress, and many more. Love and laughter, magic and adventure, tears and joyous reunions-that's what Regencies are. I love them- and so do many other readers.

I love to hear from readers. Let me know what you think of The Vampire Viscount. Please send an SASE to P.O. Box 8216, Federal Way, WA 98003-0216, or send e-mail to: harbaugh1

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