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What do rattlesnakes and a drop dead gorgeous, ancient goddess have in common? The hint is in the deadly part, but this goddess doesn’t have a venomous bite. Her touch, however, will send a man running for the nearest deadly object or high-rise window, seeking his own death.

And after countless accidental run-ins with countless unfortunate mortals—including her poor, poor soul mate—Ixtab is determined to keep everyone at a distance. Most of all, men. Like the deadly rattlesnake, Ixtab makes sure her exterior screams danger. But will her scary Morticia Addams getup and sharp tongue be enough to rattle Dr. Antonio Acero after he’s had a taste of her other side? The side that has the power to heal a man’s pain and ignite his lust?

Dr. Antonio Acero is every woman’s dream—young, handsome, wealthy, and committed. To his work, that is. Which is why no woman has ever managed to snag him. But when this Spanish physicist’s experiments with an ancient Mayan tablet leave him blinded, the gods send him a little help. Ixtab isn’t what he had in mind, but it isn’t long before he realizes that there is more to this woman than her scary costume. In fact, he just might lose everything to see it all.

- Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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