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Sandra Hill

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Sandra Hill Has Been Captivated By THE VERY VIRILE VIKING - Are You?

"It was my fault," says author Sandra Hill. "I begged my editor at Leisure Books, Alicia Condon, not to give The Very Virile Viking, my March contemporary romantic comedy time-travel, the usual half-naked Viking on the cover. I wanted to try to expand my fan base to peripheral readers who wouldn't be caught dead buying a romance with one of 'those' covers.

"They decided on a cartoon cover. There have been lots of wonderful cartoon covers, such as Julie Kenner's Aphrodite's Kiss (that's the one where the heroine can see through the hero's clothing). But my cartoon cover for b>The Very Virile Viking was not one of the good ones, in my opinion.

"I posted both covers on my website ( and asked for opinions. The first comment my critique partner made on seeing my cover was, 'He looks like a Viking elf with a Satanic shadow.' Some readers were not so kind. The observations ranged from 'Peter Pan on crack!' to 'You've got to be kidding!' Although far from a scientific poll, nearly a thousand people responded: At least 95% favored the hunk cover. They want to see people. They want consistency within a series. The 5% who preferred the cartoon expressed interesting and valid opinions.

"God bless Alicia for going to bat for me. In short time, Leisure produced a hunk cover with Stefan as the model. I never thought I would be so happy to have a hunk cover again.

"To further test readers' opinions, both covers are available for The Very Virile Viking. My publisher and myself want to know what cover art delights and offends readers. Send your comments my way!"

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