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Eileen Wilks

Genre: Silhouette Intimate Moments, Series

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The Virgin and the Outlaw

The heroine of my May book for Intimate Moments is especially dear to me. I'm a Texan, but I moved around a lot before I managed to set down roots. By the time I was the age Gillie is when The Virgin and the Outlaw opens, I'd lived in six states in the continental U.S. and two foreign countries. That's not as many as Gillie, of course, but it gives me a special empathy for her struggle to understand the meaning of permanence.

Gillie is a pilot. Her goal in life is simple: she wants the sky. Raised by a man whose wanderlust was as strong as his love for his daughter, she grew up in backwater airports all over the world-and she grew up loving the freedom of flight.

Rafael Jones understands survival. He's spent 32 years learning about it, from his childhood in a series of foster homes, to the years he spent in the service, to the rough games he sometimes played while building his fortune. But his survival skills are put to the test when he's framed for the murder of his foster brother.

When the story opens, Gillie is working for a charter airline on Mexico's west coast, and Rafe is in handcuffs and leg irons. She is supposed to fly him and the U.S. Marshal who has him in custody back to the States.

The dark, watchful man in chains makes Gillie uncomfortable. She doesn't likes his bonds or his patient, predator's eyes, and she's glad she won't have to be around him long. but Gillie's plane is sabotaged. The marshal is killed when their plane goes down in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains, leaving Gillie alone in the wilderness with a man accused of murder.

In order to survive, a man who trusts no one and a woman who depends only on herself must teach each other the meaning of trust...and the possibilities of love.

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