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"I've been reading Romantic Times for several years now, and one thing I've always found was that when reading the Author Profiles, I always enjoyed and remembered the ones that were about the authors more than the ones about the books. Therefore, in the spirit of the game show crazed world we now live in, it's time to play..."


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1. Which of the following is true?

a) Julia Quinn was in such a hurry to be born that even though her mother was scheduled for a C-section on January 16, her water broke in the supermarket on January 12. JQs mom was saved from terminal embarrassment by her best friend, who threw a jar of pickles on the floor, effectively disguising the amniotic fluid.

b) Julia Quinn was born in the wrong hospital because a month prior to her due date, the entire maternity ward went on strike. (In anticipation of her arrival?)

2. When Julia Quinn worked as a travel writer in Crete and Cyprus, which of the following horrifying events actually happened?

a) Everything she owned was infested by fleas.

b) On the slow boat from Cyprus to Haifa, she was propositioned by a monk.

3. Julia Quinns recurring nightmare is:

a) Mysteriously finding herself on the Olympic gymnastics team (not able to even turn a cartwheel!)

b) Reaching an international border and realizing that she left her passport at home.

c) Being back in high school and suddenly thinking, Wait a minute, am I taking French this semester?

4. When Julia Quinn attended medical school, she:

a) Was stunned by how often she thought, I would make a terrible cadaver.

b) Wrote a song for the Class Show called, 50 Ways to Lose Your Liver.

5. Julia Quinns husband:

a) Got a parasite and lost 35 pounds while hiking in the Himalayas. When he returned home, he immediately ate a Big Mac. It was the last Big Mac he ever ate.

b) Once lost a thermometer while taking the temperature of a zebu cow. (In the interest of decency, we will not mention which orifice was used to obtain the temperature.)

c) Has NOT read all of her books!

6. Julia Quinn hates:

a) Bananas

b) Olives

c) People who dont use their turn signals while driving.

7. While traveling in Europe, Julia Quinn:

a) Had all of her underwear stolen on a train in Italy.

b) Discovered that it is really important to know how to say, Boyfriend in America in Greek.

c) Stole a traffic signal from Buckingham Palace.

8. Julia Quinns next book:


b) Is available this December from Avon Books.

c) Makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

d) Is, according to her mother, a really, really good book!

Julia Quinn is the author of numerous historical romances for Avon Books. Please visit her on the web at, where you can read the first chapter of any of her books.

(The answers to all of the above are: all of the above!)

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