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Lydia Joyce


It's always exciting
to read a new take
on a familiar story. Lydia Joyce's latest book, Voices of the Night (Signet Eclipse), gives the Pygmalion tale a gritty, gothic makeover.

While readers will recognize the basic sequence of events -- a man falls in love with his creation, either a woman he has transformed from low to high class or, as in the original myth, a sculpture of a woman that the gods bring to life -- Joyce's Maggie isn't your typical street urchin, nor is Charles the predictably proper, straightlaced gentleman.

The heroine is "truly from the streets, a girl of grit and guts with a background as bleak and conflicted as the Victorians' relationship to the London poor," Joyce says. The hero is arrogant, high-handed, wealthy and "as self-centered as a gyroscope."

Their wildly differing circumstances and personalities, as well as the peril they face on
the dangerous streets of London, make this retelling darker and more passionate than readers ever knew Pygmalion could be. -- Stephanie Klose

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