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The Vow

By the time you read this, my new release from Pocket Books, The Vow, will be in bookstores everywhere. This story is vintage romance, with a western setting, and I think it's one my very best. I don't want to tell you too much; I'd prefer to let Annabel and Gabriel tell you their sides of things!

In October, my November release, also from Pocket, will reach the stores. It's called Two Brothers, and is unique in that it contains two complete stories-one about Shay and one about his identical twin Tristan. They were born on a besieged wagon train and adopted by different families after the death of their birth parents.

First, you will read Shay's story, "The Lawman," in which he meets and falls in love with Aislinn Lethaby, who serves his breakfast most mornings in the hotel dining room. As soon as you've finished the first tale, you flip the book over and voil-there's "The Gunslinger," starring Tristan and his beloved Emily Starbuck. I love this book.

Next will come The Courtship (the title may change) a story set in Seattle, 1906. Those of you who liked Fletcher's Woman will surely enjoy this one.

As you can see, I'm working a long way ahead of my publishing schedule. In the works are a series of books, centered around the Springwater Stagecoach Station. As of now, there are six of these stories, all of them fairly short, and if they are received well, I hope to write many, many more of them. They are very special and there has even been some talk of a television series. I have two very dear show business friends in mind for the couple who keeps the place!

I'm writing this in my Arizona hideout, so you can expect some books set here, too. Yesterday my mother, my assistant Tamara and I visited Sedona, and I was absolutely stricken by the sheer majesty of the surrounding area. I'm eager to go back there and really explore, and I'm already gathering books for research purposes.

I love to travel, in case you haven't guessed that already. I'll be on the Romantic Times cruise-wow, is that exciting!-at the end of April and I hope to see a lot of you there. When I hit the Cayman Islands, look out, because I am a serious power shopper, especially when it comes to jewelry.

I look forward to talking with you around the floating conference, seeing you at the book fair, etc., and I sincerely hope you won't hesitate to come up and speak to me if you see me wandering about on the deck or elsewhere onboard. If I look serious, don't be intimidated. I'm just thinking of another story!

It's a wonderful world. Let's do some exploring together and talk about our favorite subject-books!

You can write to Linda at: P.O. Box 669, Port Orchard, WA 98366.

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