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Waiting for the Moon

I am just putting the finishing touches on a very special love story called WAITING FOR THE MOON. My books are labors of love-they consume me, each of them, for at least a year from conception to completion. But for all of that hard work, the truth is that there's a great deal of chance in every book. You can research until you're blue in the face and analyze your characters until you know them better than you know yourself, and you still discover that each book takes on a life and a personality of its own. And sometimes-if you're very lucky and the stars align themselves just so-you end up with a story and characters that sweep you into their magical world.

I was lucky enough to find this with WAITING FOR THE MOON. Everything about this book was bigger and more difficult than what I'd done before. The idea took two years to take shape. I kept adding pieces to the puzzle, working and reworking until sometimes I wanted to throw in the towel. But the idea kept coming back, haunting and challenging me, drawing me back in.

It started simply enough: I wanted to do a big Gothic romance with a surreal, different sensibility-a fairy tale with a supernatural twist. I had never done anything even slightly Gothic and it sounded so romantic-a castle by the sea, a rocky, forbidden coastline, a Phantom of the Opera hero with a dark past and an even darker future. If that had been all of the idea, I might have finished it years ago, but it wasn't. I also wanted to explore madness, obsession, redemption, and the painful price of honor.

So I gave my hero, Ian, a profession. Then I gave him a psychic curse that took it all away. For years he nursed his anger and his loss, living isolated and lonely in a house full of forgotten souls.

Until Selena arrives to light the darkness of all their lives. Innocent and pure and damaged beyond repair, Selena turns Ian's world upside down and makes him believe in himself again.

But Selena has a secret that has the power to destroy their newborn love, forcing Ian to make a choice no man in love should ever have to make-the only choice that honor will allow. And yet, in the darkest, loneliest hour of his sacrifice, Ian finally reclaims his humanity and soul, and he learns, at last, what real love is.

As you can see, this book was a passion for me. I can only hope that you find these characters as endearing and fascinating as I did.

I love hearing from readers! Please write to me at 2819 First Avenue #240, Seattle WA 98110. An SASE is appreciated.

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