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Ann Aguirre

Genre: General Science Fiction, Science Fiction

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Love in Space


When asked to describe the romantic aspects of her series, sci-fi author Ann Aguirre says that the love is "intense and heartbreaking sometimes, but nothing worth having ever comes easy."

Aguirre knows all about hard work. After several false starts, including attempts at writing a humorous contemporary romance, a gritty historical and even erotic fiction, Aguirre realized her unconventional early stories didn't fit a market. Frustrated, she decided to start writing for just herself. She explains, "I sat down at the keyboard with an utterly blank mind -- no plot, no idea, no characters -- and just began to write."

The result: Grimspace, a science fiction romance featuring the fearless Sirantha Jax who, because of the "J" gene, is able to navigate ships through deep space. When she's falsely imprisoned, Jax is unwillingly saved by the rebel pilot March, and they begin working together to fight the Corp.

Scarred by past loss, Jax navigates the new relationship with just as much caution as she does space. With Jax's story, Aguirre says that she wanted to "explore the idea of whether second love can be as powerful as the first ... when the first was happy and fulfilling."

In the series' second book, Wanderlust, out this month from Ace, Jax once again finds herself traveling with March through deep space, this time on a diplomatic mission -- the ultimate irony considering Jax's blunt demeanor and abrasive personality. However, it is that tough, gutsy persona that makes her so appealing to readers. The Internet is buzzing about this strong, unflinching heroine, who's capable of taking on any challenge. And while expectations for the second novel are high, there are signs it will not disappoint. In author Christine Feehan's words, "I loved this book as much as the first, and that's saying a lot!"

-- Morgan Doremus

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