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Wanted: Perfect Partner

I was once the highest paid babysitter in Yakima, Washington. After all, a good storyteller is hard to find! Married right out of highschool, I soon had four babies and thus became a full-time wife and mother with a lot of stories to tell.

Although the stories were bubbling in my head, when faced with a blank page I didn't know how to start. I took classes, dissected my favorite books to see exactly how it was done, and met other writers at a Pacific Northwest Writers Conference. For four years, I honed my skills by writing one book after another and sold my first book in autumn of 1982.

Many books and many awards later, I'm still going. This month sees the release of WANTED: PERFECT PARTNER from Silhouette's new Yours Truly line.

Remington, a divorced mom of 34, has managed to make a nice living for herself and her teenage daughter Lindsey. She has found satisfaction in the success of her bookstore and occasionally enjoys quiet evenings with a small circle of friends. Meg really doesn't find her life lacking in any way, except maybe in the romance department, but she really doesn't expect fireworks at her age anymore. Until...

Meg is tricked into a dinner date with a handsome stranger. Her daughter placed a want ad on her behalf and Steve Conlan answered. What Meg doesn't know is that Steve never actually responded to the ad. She's meeting a stranger through the personal ad that she never placed and he never answered!

Luckily my children are fully aware that I'm a happily married lady and that a personal ad on my behalf will not be necessary. No worries there. I do, however, keep a keen eye out for the fashion police. I hear there's an APB out on me!

Lastly, I'd like to say: dream big dreams. Don't stuff them into the future with justifications and excuses. Don't be afraid. You never know where your dreams might take you.

I enjoy hearing from readers. You can drop me a line at P.O. Box 1458, Port Orchard, WA 98366

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