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When my editor first called to ask me to take part in their Bachelor Territory program (books from a heros point of view), I was delighted to be a part of the group.

Then it struck me. I cant think like a man. I know this because I constantly marvel at my husbands thought process. And we all know what Harlequin Romance heroes are liketough, macho andvery successful.

To make it as easy as I could, I chose San Francisco as the setting. I lived in the Bay Area for many years, and the city itself for over two. That part complete, I still had to come up with a story. So I chose a hero who had been poor as a child, missing out on a lot of things children ought to expect. Hes become a success and is determined to have a family, but not just anyone will do as a mate, he wants the perfect wife. Blue blood and a family background to forever make up for his lack. Love doesnt enter into the picture, though hes sure hell eventually become fond of his wife.

While Marc Foster knows that he could find this paragon himself, he agrees to let the cousin of a longtime friend help him. When Rennie begins to introduce Marc to eligible women, however, he finds things wrong with each one of them. Maybe he and Rennie should spend a bit more time together so shell know exactly what he requires in a wife. Say, someone who kisses just likeRennie. Who reminds him of sunshine and laughterjust like Rennie. Who has him thinking of children and playgrounds and love

Whats next? How about another twins book, but this time theyre two-year-olds. Its a marriage of convenience story set in Sydney. Another story is in Wyominga witness being kept safe by a sexy U.S. Marshall. Then theres the disillusioned Texas cowboy who learns about love from an elementary school teacher. All due out next year!

Happy Reading! Oh, and if you like the Bachelor Territory books, let Harlequin know (and tell me too!). Im on the web at or e-mail at And the U.S. mail still faithfully delivers letters to P.O. Box 977, Pioneer, CA 95666-0977. (An SASE would be truly appreciated.)

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