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It started, literally, with a dream. After a day of heavy historical researching, debut author Heather Grothaus was trying to sleep, but weird, "unnerving" dreams tugged at her. Try as she might to get back to sleep, Grothaus couldn't rest. "So I woke up and went down to the kitchen table and began sketching a little girl peeking around the corner ... " and the prologue to her March Zebra novel, The Warrior, was born.

What was young Haith, the heroine of The Warrior, looking at? Her slain father, lying
cold on the hearth, while Haith's mother wept over him -- and her father's wife looked
on as well. Grothaus knew this much, but she says she relied on the characters to tell her the rest. "I tried an outline, but it didn't work," the Kentucky resident says. "The prologue
is my dream and the rest of the book is what the characters told me happened."

Haith grows up feeling guilty -- for her parents' affair, for even being there. She becomes an apprentice healer, trying to erase the shame of her bastard status and Scots
lineage. She's called to action to save the life of Tristan, a nobleman long in service to King William. She is the woman he's dreamed of and the one woman he cannot have; he is the man she is condemned to love for all eternity and then let go. "The Warrior explores from
a different angle the notion of soul mates and shows how each person that comes into our lives changes our destiny -- for good or for ill," Grothaus says.

The Warrior is set during the Norman Conquest period, Grothaus' favorite. She first encountered this era in Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' The Wolf and the Dove, a book she initially
pilfered from her mother's nightstand and subsequently bought many copies of for rereading. Her next book, as
yet untitled, will continue in the same era and feature Nicholas, a secondary character in The Warrior.

"I always had the secret dream of becoming an author," Grothaus says. "In my young mind, I likened authors to movie stars or rock singers. I didn't believe it was something a plain little girl from Kentucky could realistically achieve." But now, with the support of her fellow Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America members and husband Tim, Grothaus is making the dream a reality. -- Liz French

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