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Dear Reader,

I love a tortured alpha hero. My heart melts for a man who never hesitates to step into danger for others and who is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the woman he loves. And yet, I feel guilty about torturing a good man like Duncan MacDonald, hero of The Warrior, book 3 of The Return of the Highlanders.

As much as I loved the heroes of the first two books in this series, Ian and Alex were cocky charmers who needed to suffer before they were worthy of their heroines’ love. Readers were gleeful when these two rogues were stunned by love and the heroines resisted.

But Duncan is different. This tough, straightforward warrior has only ever had eyes for one woman. For seven long years, he’s carried a torch for Moira, the blue-eyed, black-haired chieftain’s daughter—and he expects to carry it to his grave. He never wallows in self-pity but accepts his burden and soldiers on.

When Duncan first appeared in The Guardian, I began hearing from readers wanting assurance that he’d have his own book and find the happiness he so deserved. The messages took on a desperate edge after The Sinner, with readers longing for this wounded hero to be healed.

So I had to ask myself a hard question. After making Duncan suffer for seven years before Chapter 1, could I torture him for a few hundred pages more?

Yes, I could! Duncan is the most alpha of my alpha Highlanders—he can take whatever I throw his way. All his life, Duncan has fought against the odds to prove himself. He’s ready to fight any battle, including his own demons, for the woman he loves.

Seven years ago, this hard-headed hero ignored what Moira said she wanted and did what he thought would make her happy. Moira was wed to a chieftain, who could provide her the kind of life Duncan could not. But she suffered at the hands of her controlling, abusive husband—and she blames Duncan.

But where there’s love, there’s hope. And Duncan is a force to be reckoned with—whether it’s taking the enemy’s castle or conquering his true love’s heart.

Moira is a strong-willed heroine with every reason to mistrust men—and Duncan in particular—but she doesn’t stand a chance. First, he’ll wear her down with his courage and willingness to step between her and danger, time and time again. But that won’t be enough. Moira knows he would risk his life for any member of his clan.

Fortunately, Duncan has other weapons in his arsenal. When this hardened warrior picks up a harp, his sweet music plays on the strings of Moira’s heart. Even I didn’t know the man could sing. But when he does, he reveals his very soul to her.

And when Duncan gets her into bed, oh my.

Eventually, Moira will have to agree that Duncan deserves his happy-ever-after, and so does she. I hope you enjoy their love story. 

- Margaret Mallory

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