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A fierce Kiowa warrior was wounded in a historic battle in Texas at Adobe Walls, when Colonel Kit Carlson brought howitzers to fight the Kiowa and Comanche encampment. I have traveled to this area, imagining the drama that unfolded and what could have happened. WARRIOR MOON is that story.

Wounded, Lone Wolf races away after the first fiery battle to search for his small niece. Later, the child and unconscious warrior are found by Vanessa Sutherland, a woman trying to escape being sent to a convent. Vanessa's heart goes out to the child and she tends to Lone Wolf, thinking he is the child's father.

For the first time in his adult life, Lone Wolf is at the mercy of another. As he recovers his strength, he loses his heart to a woman as strong willed as he. Here is an excerpt:

She felt the elemental clash with him, but overriding it was another struggle happening with greater frequency. She didn't want to yield to the growing friendship or the attraction she felt for him and she suspected he despised the moments he felt drawn to her. She knew he hated whites with an all consuming passion.

As she faced him, her heart began to pound and she wondered if he were going to strike her because he looked on the verge of it. He stopped only inches from her, his black eyes filled with fire. With a grunt of disgust he tossed down his rifle and reached for her, his arm sweeping around her waist while he drew her up against him.

"You disobey the most reasonable order," he ground out the words, his fury evident while his dark eyes revealed his desire. Then his mouth covered hers, stopping her reply as his tongue thrust deep, sending heat streaking in her.

Startled, she was devastated by the reaction she was having to him because he was both friend and foe. She had felt closer to him than anyone except her sisters, yet for a few moments as he faced her with obvious fury, she had been frightened and uncertain of what he would do. And then as his tongue slid over hers, touching the insides of her mouth, thought vanished and she reacted in a primitive way, following her heart. She wound her arms around his neck and returned his wild kisses.

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