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Warrior's Prize

Ten years ago, I launched Zebra Books' new Heartfire line with the award-winning Cheyenne Captive. This month, my 15th Zebra romance, WARRIOR'S PRIZE, hits the bookstores.

WARRIOR'S PRIZE centers on the last great Indian uprising in America: the 1879 Ute war of Northwestern Colorado. And yes, I journeyed to Colorado to walk those historic sites before I wrote this sequel to my earlier romance, Quicksilver Passion.

WARRIOR'S PRIZE is a tense triangle centering on two men who hate each other-one an Indian brave, the other, a rich, polished back-East dude-and the beauty they both love, Wannie Evans. Unknowingly, the trio rides into the Colorado wilderness and right into the middle of the great Ute Indian War. Up to now, Wannie has been dazzled by the wealthy dude, but now she finds her life dependent on the hunting and survival skills of the warrior, Keso. Surrounded by enemy Utes, her virginity is about to become a warrior's prize.

I greatly enjoyed meeting readers and booksellers at the RT convention in Baton Rouge and was delighted that Robin Rhodes, the Native American woman who came dressed as Willow, my Nez Perce heroine from Song of the Warrior, won an award in the annual costume competition.

The contest for the authentic silver earrings from Timeless Warrior drew thousands of entries and the winner, Gail Madden, of Cincinnati, Ohio, received a congratulatory phone call as well as the earrings.

I was honored this past year to be inducted into the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame, and I've just signed a new contract with Zebra Books to continue my Indian Romances. I hope to meet many readers at the Romance Writers of America's national convention in Orlando, Florida, in July!

Write to me at P.O. Box 162, Edmond, OK 73083-0162. An SASE is appreciated. Also check out my home page:

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