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Beth Albright

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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The dress was the first dress I tried on. I got married to my knight in shining armor soon after Princess Diana got married to hers. Her dress was all the rage, and I knew I wanted something just as regal. Being a Southern Belle, I had always dreamed of a dress with an oversized hoop skirt and huge, puffy sleeves set with silky bows at the elbows, so when I saw my dress for the first time, I knew it was the one. The train was mostly lace and scooped up in scallops tied with ribbon around the hemline. I couldn’t believe it—I was getting married, I was in love … with the dress!

But, like most brides, I had to know for sure that I was making the right choice, so I stayed in the dressing room, the attendant bringing me one dress after another. I can honestly say that I can’t remember what the other dresses even looked like—not the fabric or even the cut. No, from that first dress I was a goner, and the other dresses never had a chance. It’s hard to believe it was that easy, but in my head I already knew exactly how this dream wedding was to go. I would be like Cinderella at the ball, my gown twirling around me as Prince Charming spun me across the room.

We put so much into planning our weddings, trying to make every detail just perfect. For some people it’s the music that’s most important, having that perfect quartet. For some it’s the food. For me, my fairy-tale wedding would only be complete when I found the perfect dress. Plus, I was marrying what my Southern family liked to call a “Yankee,” and I wanted nothing more than to create a Southern debutante-style wedding to show him my true roots. The wedding was in July, in the middle of the afternoon, but I even had all the men dressed in tails! The sweltering summertime heat of the Deep South nearly killed all my husband’s groomsmen, not to mention my in-laws, but we all looked phenomenal, and I was satisfied, though a bit parched, in my dream dress.

While the men played the traditional Southern pranks, like decorating our getaway car with sardines on the engine (try that fresh aroma on a hot summer day down south!), nothing could bother me that day—in my gorgeous dress I was cool as sweet iced tea with a mint sprig.

Now, of course, I know that I married my soul mate on that special day years ago, and the real blessing was to have everyone I loved most right there with us…but just between us, I have to admit that it wouldn’t have been that dreamed-about fairytale without my dress—and I was definitely the belle of the ball.

-Beth Albright

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