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Sheila Roberts

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Do men need to read romance novels?

I say yes! And here’s why. Romance novels are the world’s best textbooks on how to live happily ever after with a woman. So, what can a man learn from reading a romance novel?

For one thing, he can get a pretty good idea of what to say to a woman. Romance heroes have the best lines. They always know what to say and when to say it. (And if they don’t know at first, believe me, they learn by the end of the book.)

A man can also get a crash course in behavioral science. (She craves romantic gestures? And we’re not just talkin’ sending flowers on Valentine’s Day? Who knew?) Many men panic when birthdays, anniversaries and yes, even Cupid’s big day, roll around. A man can get a lot of great ideas for both small and grand gestures that will melt his woman’s heart and make him look like a rock sta r― simply by reading some romance novels.

And then there’s sex. Doesn’t every man want to be a hero in the bedroom? If a guy wants to get some ideas for what will turn his lady on, if he needs some inspiration, all he has to do is pick up a romance novel with a few hot love scenes. That’ll give him plenty of ideas.

Ideas are exactly what my hero, Jonathan Templar, and his poker buddies need in my new Life in Icicle Falls novel, What She Wants. They’ve got women problems and they’ve got them in spades! Poor, shy Jonathan is probably the most challenged of all. It’s tough when you’ve been in love with a woman all your life but you’re not the kind of romantic hero dreams are made of. But once Jonathan discovers romance novels, he sees that there’s a hero inside of him just waiting to get out.

I think most guys are trying to figure out what they need to do to be our heroes. So if a man wants to know what puts a smile on our faces and stars in our eyes, he should check out some of these books because they’re mostly written by the world’s best experts on women: women. Those great lines the guys are saying on the printed page? We put those words in their mouths. The things they do that melt a reader’s heart? Yes, we made those men do them. If a man’s trying to figure out what women want, he’ll get some pretty big clues between the covers of a romance story.

If your man is a little romantically challenged I can’t think of a better tutorial than a romance novel. Maybe he’d enjoy a bedtime story.

By the way, I do practice what I preach. When I’m feeling that my other half needs some tutoring I slip a romance novel (usually one of mine!) on his pillow. He likes to think he’s a very good pupil. But just between you and me, the secret to success is in the books.

- Sheila Roberts

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