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Vicky Dreiling

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Author's Message

Have you ever wondered what the best part of writing is? I can’t speak for every author, but I know quite a few who would undoubtedly agree that it’s finding inspiration for the hero. Now, I’m not talking about plotting or creating a backstory for the hero. No, this inspiration is a little shallow and a lot of fun. Writing a book is a hard work, but the part I love is getting to create my fantasy hero. You know — tall, dark, and rippling with muscles. 

My Regency fantasy heroes always have a clever retort, a sexy smile, and bedroom eyes. While I might make up the physical appearance of my hero in my head and translate the description in words, I often turn to the Internet for the best inspiration of all — hunky actors! Some might call this wasting time, but I call it ‘research.’ Yes, it’s a tough job, but fortunately there is Google.

So when my editor asked me to provide a description of my hero for the cover of What A Wicked Earl Wants, I said, “No problem!” Then I set out to find the hunk of my fictional dreams. I had already used Henry Cavill (from The Tudors and Man of Steel) as my inspiration for Tristan in How To Marry a Duke and Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) for How to Seduce a Scoundrel. I didn’t get an actor for How to Ravish a Rake, because that cover model was so good looking that readers kept asking me for his name. Unfortunately I never did discover his identity. Soon afterward, it was time to find the man who could possibly be handsome enough to be the role model for Andrew Carrington, the wicked Earl of Bellingham (aka Bell). I perused multiple sites to find a man with black hair, a devilish smile, and mesmerizing blue eyes. Then I found the man of my fictional dreams. There was only one tiny problem. He was a vampire. However, he was also a very good looking vampire. Naturally for the sake of my ‘research’ I decided it was necessary to watch The Vampire Diaries in order to be sure I had nailed his description. In addition, I found many photos of him on Pinterest to ‘study.’ I even learned that he loved animals and has a foundation to save the planet. Wow! I’d struck hunk gold. If you haven’t guessed yet, the actor I chose as the model for Bellingham is none other than Ian Somerhalder.

While writing What A Wicked Earl Wants, I felt compelled to study Ian’s visage. In truth, I looked at his various photos so often that his image is practically burned in my brain. While Ian is the perfect role model, I did made one adjustment by adding several inches to his height. Otherwise, he was perfect—well, sans the fangs.

Sometimes being an author is just too much fun.



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