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Most people might find it difficult to believe a book or an author could change the course of a life, especially those of fiction. It’s possible. It happened to me. But it all started thanks to a sister who strongly recommended a certain book. My sister knew I loved to read, a love that started all the way back to when I was given Alice in Wonderland for Christmas and on into grade school with the Little House books, then on to Nancy Drew, then pretty much anything I could get my hands on, including all the required reading in my high school English classes. So I bought the recommended book and, after reading it, went out and bought pretty much everything this author had written. Who was the author? Lori Wick. She knows how to tell stories while weaving in an element of faith.

I’m not sure how many of Lori’s books I’d read before a thought, a dream, struck and took hold, but I suddenly felt certain I could write a story of my own. For a year I plotted a story, developed and came to love the characters…one who chased a dream only to see it evaporate before her eyes, the other who fought to live out his father’s dream and lose that fight to an unknown enemy, both who wonder if trust is a dream that can’t be attained or if hope can be found in the midst of trials.

I thought out details of events that would take place. I knew I wanted to blend humor and mystery with romance and faith. I even had the scenery of the setting pictured by combining two areas I love. I used to wander in a field where a few houses used to stand. I’d find broken pottery, ceramic doll pieces, door knobs, rusty tools, even old coins, and wondered about the families who used to live there. It was a place my imagination could roam far and wide. This field had a ravine running through it that emptied into a creek, all lined with trees. I’d also taken a trip through Colorado with my family. Colorado is an amazingly beautiful state with incredible mountains and wilderness that promote adventurous thoughts and dreams. It captured my heart. So I meshed that field and those mountainous scenes together and had my setting.

But so far, all of this only took place in my mind. I had yet to put anything to paper. When I thought all was ready, I sat down on January 10, 2001 and began putting my story into words. Once that first story was finished, I wrote a sequel, and then another. Near the end of 2002, contact with another author introduced me to a writer’s website. I became a member, then joined a critique group and learned how much I didn’t know about proper writing. I had to rewrite my story. But it wasn’t until I attended my first writer’s conference in 2003 that I tried to get anything published. I was given hope in the form of two authors who thought the story was good and an editor who wanted to see the full manuscript.

Fast forward several years and rejections to the day I heard from my agent that Harvest House wanted to contract my series. After shouting for and shedding tears of joy, I stood in wonder at the full circle that had taken place in my journey. The very house that had published Lori Wick would also be the house that would publish the first three stories I’d ever written; the first with a release date of February 1st, 2011, almost exactly ten years from the day I sat down to write the story. They changed the title of the first book, now very aptly named, When All My Dreams Come True.

- Janelle Mowery

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