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Isabella Bradford

Genre: England, Historical Romance

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October is the month for Halloween and mysterious disguises. What better time for a historical romance that begins with a masquerade?

Lady Elizabeth Wylder and the Duke of Hawkesworth were betrothed as children by their fathers, they have never met. Now grown, the time has finally come for their marriage, though neither is anticipating the wedding. Hawke has avoided his responsibilities and his bride by living abroad, while Lizzie is indignant at the prospect of so reluctant a groom. Yet when they finally meet by chance at a masquerade ball in a star-lit pleasure garden — each unaware of the other’s identity — the attraction between them is immediate, and filled with passion.

But even when they are properly introduced and wed, the uncertain identities continue. Hawke must learn that his preconception of a dull, dutiful duchess has little to do with his lovely, impulsive bride Lizzie, while in turn Lizzie struggles to adapt her fairy-tale ideal of a marriage with the reality of her charming new husband’s irresponsibility. Putting aside their misgivings and facing the truth is the only way they’ll find happiness and the lasting love both desire. Read the first chapter here.

When The Duchess Said Yes is the second book in my Wylder Sisters trilogy. The series is set in Georgian London, with a romantic backdrop of lavish town houses, extravagant jewels and gowns, and, of course, the gallant, rakish dukes and witty ladies that define the 18th century. The book trailer for the series captures the mood perfectly. I’m delighted that Ballantine/Random House is publishing the trilogy so closely together, with only a short wait between books; the first in the series, When You Wish Upon A Duke, is still available, while the third sister’s story, When The Duke Found Love, will be released in late November.

Curious to see what inspired me? Check out the Pinterest boards I’ve created (along with my fellow Nerdy History Girl and good friend, the incomparable Loretta Chase.) You’ll find the boards for each book are a kind of illustrated companion showing all kinds of fascinating clothes, places, and objects (plus a pet or two) that could have filled my characters’ lives. I hope you’ll join them, too.

- Isabella Bradford

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