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When Love Comes Along

My first book, My Enemy, My Love, was published in 1989, and Romantic Times featured an article about me. They called it "The Mysterious Elaine Coffman Revealed"-choosing this title because they "had the devil's own time" finding me. As a last resort, they put a note in the magazine, "Will Elaine Coffman ever send us her photograph?" From this, I learned keeping a low profile is okay; disappearing from sight is not. I sent the photograph and Kathryn called me to say, "We've been receiving so many inquiries about you, and when we checked our files we didn't have anything. You were the mysterious Elaine Coffman. It's time you came out in the open." Six years and nine books later, they just called again, wanting another article-this one about my latest book.

I learned two things writing the Mackinnon novels: Don't ever say you are finished with anything, and never put your address in a book. You will be proven wrong, and you will get mail. Lots of mail.

In Heaven Knows, I foolishly referred to it as the last of the Mackinnon books. Unbelievable numbers of you wrote, telling me I was not finished. You wanted Fletcher's demanded Margery's. I listened. I gave in. I was afraid not to. In November, Warner and I will give you Fletcher's story, When Loves Comes Along. It's full of suspense-something new for me....

Returning to Scotland, Fletcher seeks revenge against Adair, the man who murdered his father and stole his title. He never dreams he will find love, or that he will involve her in a nightmare that could cost both of them their lives. The threat of death or the loss of love won't turn Fletcher from his course. He doesn't understand the power of love, or the quiet, gentle strength of a woman raised by her Presbyterian minister grandfather. Cathleen Lindsay is an unusual sort who devotes her life to charity and orphaned animals, and has a scripture quote for every occasion.

Fletcher now learns he can have revenge, or Cathleen. His decision is, "To hell with Adair, it's you I want." Unfortunately, Adair was not informed of this, and continues to plot their death. Then, something mystical and unexplained happens, and the course of Fletcher's life is changed forever.

When Love Comes Along is more than a love story. It is the culmination of six stories about the Mackinnon men-a series of stories that began in 1991 with Angel in Marble, and ends with When Loves Comes Along.

Wait! Don't start writing me, yet!

In mid-October, 1996, the seventh and final Mackinnon novel, If you love me, will be released, and you, my letter-writing friends, will get what you have lovingly called "Margery's Story." Enjoy!

You may write to Elaine at P.O. Box 11674, Washington, DC 20008.

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