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Alina Adams

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Ive always had male friends (my husband
and I were just friends for more than a year). As a child, I liked to play kick-ball and wrestle,
so most of my friends were boys. And, back then, it was so easy.

Later though, life got more complicated. No matter how just friends we were, there was always a certain, tense undercurrent in the air. Granted, eventually, some of those just friendships did turn into something more. But like Dr. Deborah Brody, my heroine in WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, I was always afraid that a romantic relationship would ruin the much-cherished friendship.

Of course, Deb Brody has much bigger problems than I ever did! Deb and Elliot have been platonic friends for 20 years. When Debs husband, Max, dies suddenly, Deb turns to Elliot for comfort, and that comfort unleashes an all-consuming passion. Afterwards, an uncomfortable Elliot keeps his distance, leading Deb to ask

Tell me why youre so angry with me.

Elliot sighed, I am not angry with you.

But you are angry?

After an interminable pause, he admitted, Yes.

With whom?

With me. Damn it, Brody, I doubt my conduct last night would rank too high on anyones Top Ten List of Proper Behaviors After a Funeral. Well, he qualified, maybe David Lettermans

Softly, Deb said, It takes two
to tango, Elliot.

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