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Grace tilted her head and looked at the sky. Did you ever wish on a star?

Star wishing had not been encouraged in Dans family. Wishing was for losers. Doers got the prizes. What would be the point?

Dont you believe in anything, Dan?


Well, Ill do whatever I have to, to make my dream come true.

Even wish on a hundred stars?

Whatever it takes.

In that they were alike. Hed do whatever it took to make his dream come true. But Dan knew when you wished, you only wasted time. From the way Grace was gazing up at the star-studded night, explaining his view to her would only waste more time.

Grace lowered her head and gave a sigh that wavered in the middle. Before he could think what he was doing Dan put his hands on her shoulders, rubbed his thumbs along the bend in her neck until she caught her breath.

He shouldnt touch her. Touching her was an incredible mistake. Feeling the shift of her bones beneath the dress, beneath her skin, was a bigger
mistake. Being aroused even more by the heat of her in his hands, the scent of her in his nose, the need for her taste in his mouth was insanity.

But with the moon half full, and himself completely aroused, Dan ignored his voice of reason and listened to the voice of lunacy instead.

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