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Kate Brady

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Dear Reader:

I have always suffered from a condition I call “Oprah-phobia.” That is, the fear of anything that could land me on the Oprah Winfrey show, trying to explain my actions to millions of viewers who collectively shake their heads and mumble, “What an idiot…” or “Oh, how tragic.” Today, the condition could more aptly be called “Phil-o-phobia.” In fact, my teenage daughter keeps a list of parental transgressions and continually threatens to go on the Dr. Phil show and reveal them to the world. Yes, she knows just how to push the mommy-guilt button.

Since I already have a predisposition to this ailment, imagine my horror when both of my teenagers occasionally exhibit signs of having been raised by a mom who spends large chunks of time creating psycho-murderers. For example, my son recently came up with an idea for a killer’s MO. When he told me about it, two thoughts came to mind. First—Wow, that’s really good. Second—OMG, that twisted, violent thought came from my baby. And just last week, my daughter regaled me with plot ideas for a story she’s writing—apparently during Calculus class—in which she is earning a “C”. 


Mom’s fault, of course. If I did something else for a living, my son surely wouldn’t dream up serial killers in his spare time and my daughter would no doubt have an “A” in Calculus. 

But there’s another side to this story, and I’ll be sure to mention it to Dr. Phil. Something about being a published writer is really cool to people. Including my kids. I’ll be darned, but these maternally-damaged children who mostly don’t want anyone to know they HAVE a mother, will cheerfully toot my author-horn to teachers, strangers, and even—yes—to their friends. “My mom kills people for a living” isn’t exactly how I would put it, but gosh…. I have a successful career as a music professor, too, and never once have my kids gone out of their ways to boast to a stranger, “My mom teaches music for a living.”

It’s the book-thing that’s cool and I have to admit, I enjoy fictitious worlds filled with desperate heroines, tortured heroes, and diabolical villains. My new book, Where Angels Rest, is just that.  Psychologist Erin Sims races the clock to get her brother off Death Row, and her shocking suspicions challenge Sheriff Nick Mann to question everything he believes about his sleepy, Midwestern town. While murders rock the community, Nick and Erin unearth a chilling ruse: The Angelmaker—a ruthless killer determined to silence those who keep watch—hides in plain sight, displaying a macabre collection of trophies right under Nick’s nose. With Erin’s brother running out of time and the demons of Nick’s past haunting him, a town’s dark secrets emerge and leave the Angelmaker with only one escape: To silence Erin forever.

Twisted, yes. But in this one tiny way, my kids think I’m cool. 

I’ll take it.

Happy reading!

- Kate Brady

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