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Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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By Jade Lee (aka Katherine Greyle)

Imagine you're a white woman, stolen and sold into prostitution to give not sex but your spiritual energy, your yin, via orgasm. Strange? Not so bizarre when you look at an ancient Chinese offshoot of Buddhism.

As an Asian author, I combined my penchant for writing romances with Asian characters and my longtime interest in Zen sexuality in my newest novel. White Tigress launches
a series of books set in 1898 China that delve into a small sect of Buddhism—the Sect of the White Tigresses.

Traditional Buddhists teach that one should merge one's consciousness with the eternal, like a drop of water merging with the sea. Monastic Buddhists seek to attain a mental merging with the cosmos by living quiet lives of meditation and total celibacy. Not so the Tigresses or their male counterparts, the Dragons. These sects, which still exist today, view sex as a powerful force in the search for immortality and use the power of sexuality to illuminate their minds and bring health to their bodies. At the very pinnacle of practice, they would be able to transcend their earthly bodies and walk among the angels. This was not death but a brief visit to the immortal realm before returning back to earth. They even pity their Buddhist friends for abandoning such an incredible tool on the path to the eternal.

But how does one use sex to attain heaven? The Tigresses teach that immortality is reached by mixing a woman's yin with a man's yang. Yin and yang can combine with such power that the mind is taken to heaven and one can walk and talk with the angels. The man or woman who has done such a thing is called an Immortal.

For a woman, that means creating as much yin as
possible. Since she keeps her fluids in her body during intercourse, the Tigress orgasms for as long as possible: many hours or days, if possible. Orgasm creates more yin, which will combine with whatever yang has been accumulated. Hopefully, the mixture is potent enough
to carry the Tigress to heaven—as if a daylong orgasm wasn't heavenly enough!

The men have it much tougher. Ejaculation means
a huge loss of yang, and it is thought to take as much as
a year off the life of the unfortunate gentleman. Thus, a man must bring his yang to the bursting point, then stop just before releasing his fluids. The yang power is then mentally rolled back into the body, where it combines with whatever yin he has accumulated. Legends tell of Master Dragons who have pulled themselves back from the brink as many as 1,000 times in one night. Eventually, enough yin and yang will be accumulated to create an ecstatic event—or someone's head exploding from frustration.

As in tantric practice, a Jade Dragon performs daily exercises to maintain his stamina. Indeed, the best-trained Dragons can orgasm without ejaculating. Such
a man is believed to have become very female in his orgasm—having the con-tractions without actual loss of power.

Once the practitioner has gained enough yin and yang energy, he must mentally stir them together into the great yang circle and lesser yin circle. This is done by sexual stimulation and mental focus. Have you ever tried to meditate, to keep your mind quiet and trained on a single thing without distractions? It's enormously difficult. But the Tigress or Dragon has to achieve that state of mental focus while being sexually stimulated. Imagine trying to meditate while your
partner licks your yin pearl! Yes, that's a normal part
of a Tigress' practice.

Once the yin and yang circles are established, the practitioner mentally enters the Immortal Realm. There are many chambers to this heavenly location. One of the first is the Chamber of a Thousand Swinging Lanterns. There, one feels the expansiveness that is immortality and watches as lights dance before your spiritual eyes. Higher up are a myriad of different chambers where great beings walk, trailing celestial glory. (If you've ever seen pictures of Chinese angels or celestial beings, they have ribbons flying about their bodies. Those ribbons represent the heavenly glory that follows in their wake. It's the Chinese equivalent of a halo.)

In White Tigress, my hero is a Jade Dragon and his "partner" is the abducted Joanna Crane. Unusual circumstances force Chang Ru Shan (the Chinese always put the last name first) to buy white woman Joanna from the brothel where she's been dumped. He believes he needs her white yin. And so they begin forced practice, first with purification rituals, and then with the "harvesting" of Joanna's yin—done by sucking
on her nipples or her "pearl" while she orgasms. The two share their sexual energies, reach the antechamber of heaven,
and then…Joanna escapes. How Ru Shan comes to understand her value and overcome his cultural biases is the surprise of this book. Together they learn to love each other and attain heaven.

The series continues with Hungry Tigress in June and Laughing Tigress in December. In the first one, my heroine
is an American woman who has lived in Shanghai for a few years. Not nearly as naive as Joanna, she explores the Tigress practice with Shaolin monk Zou Tun.

The final episode in the trilogy features Shi Po, the head Shanghai Tigress and
a recurring character from the first two books. She's a leader who's lost faith in her own religion, until the heroes and heroines of the first two books attain heaven before her, and her husband steps in to save her from self-destruction. Searching through the bitter disappointments that face all
married couples, they move beyond the awkwardness of their arranged marriage
to discover love in one another's arms.

As you read my series, I hope you dis-cover what I did: that what initially began
as an intriguing use for sex became a great philosophy. In a society where sexuality was taboo, where women's entire lives were dominated by men, these amazing ladies developed a religion around sexua-lity and a means to attain the highest
personal achievement. They became Immortals—and they used the pulse-pounding, head-exploding, body-throbbing power of sexuality to do it!

I don't know if I was able to fully communicate the awe I felt as my characters walked with the angels in this trilogy. But the message I wanted to convey was just this: We can all attain immortality. It is
our birthright. And the shortest path to
that place is through love.

Feel it, express it, enjoy it.

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