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Ever wonder what would happen if you met a dish like Mel Gibson and he fell madly in love with you? Okay, maybe I need a reality check, but I do find the concept of what might have been very intriguing. In Wicked Angel, two peoples lives collide and theyre faced with the question of what might have been...or what could be.

Lauren Hill, the impoverished, widowed Countess of Bergen, meets Alex Christian, the powerful Duke of Sutherland, under unusual
circumstances. He captures her imagination, but Laurens lesser rank and stature render her unsuitable. Alex really has no business thinking of herhe is engaged to pretty Lady Marlaine, and his marriage will forge a powerful alliance between two of Englands most prominent
families. But he is caught by an unearthly desire for this angel among mortals.

No matter how Alex and Lauren try, they cant deny the dangerous attraction growing between them, not even when everyone begins to suspect theres more to their friendship than meets the eye.

Heres an excerpt:

She made a desperate lunge for the hack, but he reached it before her. His arm shot up beside her, effectively barring the door and blocking her from the curious gaze of any onlooker. Trapped between the hack and his powerful frame, Lauren pressed into the carriage as he slowly leaned into her. God help me,
but you intrigue me, Lauren, he murmured. So full of surprises, arent you?

His nearness was a powerful drug on her senses. Her eyes fell to his mouth. The memory of that long-ago kiss they shared came flooding back to her in the form of a queer tingle in the pit of her stomach, and she understood herself to be on dangerous ground. I think you should leave me alone, she stammered.

I think I should too, but I am afraid I cannot.

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