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Eliza Lloyd

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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I’m fascinated by marriage and the idea of happily ever after. Wicked Desiresmy debut novel, is part of a larger series called Wicked Affairs that explores the idea of happily-ever-after unless… 

I had an epiphany at some point in my writing career. Maybe it was more of a slogan: happily ever after doesn’t end at the last chapter. From then, I’ve become a little crazed about writing stories from a marriage point of view. It’s made all the easier because I love historicals and the institution of marriage is the rule. So much can go wrong in a relationship. And those ups and downs are made more painful by the sense of betrayal that can occur in a committed bond.

In the case of Wicked Desires, happily ever after has come to a painful impasse for the Regency heroine, Clarissa. Her husband is behaving uncharacteristically un-heroic in dealing with a male malady – impotence. Clarissa is unwilling to accept that they have no chance. At first, she is shocked and betrayed by what she learns about the manner in which he satisfies his new desires, but she is determined to go to scandalous lengths to satisfy him and restore their marriage.

Crafting a sexual story in a time period when women were restricted and inhibited does present some challenges. With this erotica romance, I found a great deal of enjoyment writing a Regency wife who gets to explore her own sexuality and needs within the confines of a brothel. What she experiences isn’t something she can share with her friends over afternoon tea.

Another challenge with this story was creating a realistic setting for exploring their renewed sexuality. I say that with a bit of cheek, as much as a brothel can be a realistic setting for a proper English lady. I felt I had to remove them from their everyday life since that was part of their issue—they had lost themselves in the minutiae of daily living, rather than remembering that needs change and people grow apart without meaning to.

Part of Michael’s problem was his inhibition caused by her perceived goodness. He could no longer see past her dutiful and proper nature, which was at odds with his new needs.

The series continues with Wicked Temptation, featuring Anne VanLandingham, Clarissa’s friend. Anne is an older woman married to a younger man and it is her naughty reputation that is a temptation to the male members of the ton.

In Wicked Lord, the rake Lord Redding finally marries, only his wife is in love with another man.

And isn’t that angst and emotional upheaval why we love to read and write romance?

- Eliza Lloyd
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