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Lori Foster

Book Title: WILD
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Lets hear it for the boys

Lori Foster Celebrates the Romantic Man

Men, men, men! I love writing romances from the male perspective, showing all the quirky personality traits, the deep honor, the protectiveness and the innate sexuality of the male mind. Men see things differently than women do, and thats a good thing! Giving male characters free reign, letting them take over the story, makes the romance more interesting,
more fun, and definitely hotter.

Because men are wonderfully unique, I write a variety of heroes. Some are rich, some middle class. They might wear suits or jeans, work in the corporate world or in the labor force. They can be hard edged, or suave, lead a quiet existence, or be bigger than life. Theyre proud, intelligent, independent menbecause my heroines are smart too, and they wouldnt fall in love with any other kind.

But regardless of how my heroes might differ, all of them know what it takes to love a womanphysically and emotionally. Theyre men who enjoy their sensuality and want a woman who feels the same. Their approaches toward love will vary, but their intentions are chivalrous and they respect women. Theyre good menand yes, they do exist in real life.

In Dec. 01, the Winston men, previously seen in separate anthologies, are united for the first time in the Berkley anthology The Winston Brothers. And in Jan. 02, the rowdiest Winston brother, Zane, will appear in WILD. In March, my Kensington Brava single title, TOO MUCH TEMPTATION, hits the stands. August is the Brava anthology I LOVE BAD BOYS, then in October another Brava single title (as yet untitled).

So many men. All the time in the world to read about them. Sigh

Watch for reissues of the Buckhorn Brothers books from Harlequin in mid 2002. Visit me at

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