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Taylor Christie James is, to quote my editor, one kick-ass woman. That
is exactly the character I wanted to create. Although Im not so sure she is merely a creation than a true part of me. Shes my exploration of my own Cherokee/Scots heritage. Red and white, thats me. Fortunately, in todays world my heritage is celebrated, not rejected. But what, I asked myself, would life have been like over a hundred years ago when being even part Indian was unthinkable and something to be ashamed of? Would
I have been shunned? Dismissed? Who would have accepted me? Or would I have not cared if they accepted me or not?

Ah ha! Now thats the woman I wanted to writeone who didnt care. A woman toughened by lifes pitfalls, yet not a victim of them. Taylor likes to think shes self-contained, a force of nature unto herself. She needs no one. And yet, she hurts mightily. When I wrote her story, I explored those hurtspoked my finger into her emotional injuries and made her face them. She didnt like me for it, I can tell you. Rebellious to the end, thats Taylor.

Taylor remains infinitely fascinating to me. Shes a rejected wild child with a chip on her shoulder. A victim of her times yet not of her life. She makes her own way and makes her own rulesuntil she must face the white family shes never known. And then it all falls apart. The walls come tumbling down and the hard edge begins to soften. Until one of them tries to kill her.

I am thrilled and honored to announce that Doubleday bought Wild Flower as a selection for its Rhapsody Romance Book Club and also chose to do a spotlight piece on me for its April magazine.

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