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Justine Dare

Book Title: WILD HAWK
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Wild Hawk

Those of you who know me as Justine Davis may be surprised I have a new name for my new Topaz. But perhaps you will also smile at that new name. Why Justine Dare? Because it fits. Not only does it honor one of my own favorite characters, it also expresses an attitude, and I've never been one to play it safe.

That's more true than ever in Wild hawk (Mar., '96, Topaz). Jason Hawk is not your average guy. Alone since age sixteen, he is certain he has hardened his heart and soul. The unacknowledged bastard son of a wealthy industrialist, he has a secret agenda. He's a man driven by the need for revenge, a man who is losing the battle with his own inner demons, and he's about to come face to face with the unwanted but undeniable knowledge of who he really is.

A mysterious book reveals his identity, a book containing family secrets, revelations of betrayal and murder, and a prophecy that will test him as a man. As the past intertwines with the tangled threads of the present, only one person can help him find his way: quietly courageous, determined Kendall Chase, who had been his hated father's executive assistant.

It snowed in Sunridge for the first time in twenty years the day they put the old man in the ground, and Jason knew damned well the bastard had summoned it up himself.

He wondered what they would do, these people in their dark dresses and respectable suits and ties and coats, if he gave in to the urge to spit on the old man's grave. They were already staring at his jeans and boots, noses up, as if only good manners prevented them from sniffing disdainfully. He liked knowing that everyone was wondering who he was, and that those who knew or guessed were wondering why he was here. He lifted his head to look at them all, barely stifling a smile as he thought of their expressions if he were to follow through on the impulse to spit.

Do you see why Dare is an appropriate name? I hope you'll find this particular dare irresistible. I promise you quite a ride!

Justine is the two time RITA and multiple RT Award winning author of over 25 books. You can reach her at: P.O. Box 5962, San Clemente, CA 92674, or on-line at

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