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Jane Bonander

Book Title: WILD HEART
Genre: Historical Romance

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Wild Heart

It was the strangest thing. I was writing about my hero, Wolfgang Amadeus Morning Cloud, in Wild Heart, when I discovered he had a twin. It's amazing how easily the idea came to mind. I guess after creating one hunky half-breed I got greedy and wanted another. That happens sometimes. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

As a baby, Wolf McCloud (I just had to shorten that name!) had been rescued from a shallow grave by a trapper and raised to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. The first time my heroine, Julia, gets a gander at him, two words are emblazoned in her mind: disreputable and dangerous. And he does appear every bit as malevolent as a dime novel villain. Irascible though he is, he was great fun to write. Especially once I decided to pit this handsome tease against a straight-laced farmer's daughter.

Of course, there's a darker side to McCloud-one that makes him especially vulnerable to the heroine. This time I wanted to force my characters into marriage. I really like the marriage of convenience thing; it provides great opportunities for lots of sexual tension-something else I love, but then, who doesn't?

Wolf McCloud made his first appearance in Dancing on Snowflakes, and many readers wrote to tell me he should have a story of his own. Great minds think alike, for I'd already begun writing it. Wild Heart is the first of a trilogy. I'm currently working on the second book, which is about McCloud's twin-the one who appeared out of nowhere, demanding a story of his own. He wasn't buried alive like Wolf was; he was given away to passing strangers. The third story in the trilogy is Jackson Wolfe's. Some of you might remember that Jackson, also from Dancing..., was the little boy whose father, Nathan Wolfe, thought him dead.

Also out this month is Auld Lang Syne, an anthology from Longmeadow Press. The title of my story, "The Bedroom is Mine," conjures up an interesting concept, don't you think? My hero returns from a trip to find that his meddlesome sister, who desperately wants to marry him off and has always failed in the past, has rented his cabin to a fiery flame-haired vixen whom he can't seem to get along with-or without. I'm in good company with this one, for Laura Parker and Becky Lee Weyrich round out the anthology beautifully. Enjoy!

I love hearing from readers! You may write to me at Box 3134, San Ramon, CA 94583-6834. Please remember to include an SASE for a reply.

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